About Chronus

Chronus is a team of construction professionals assembled for one purpose: to overcome the challenges of the construction industry. How do we do this? We have brought together industry veterans with decades of experience constructing thousands of structures who understand process. By utilizing an established systematic approach to project delivery that prevents common industry pitfalls, we optimize your budget and timeline. Moreover, we believe it is critical for our collective success to leverage leading-edge technologies in tandem with traditional working values.

Our philosophy is based on the concepts of integrated project delivery and lean construction. Our technological capabilities make us an unparalleled service provider who combines the expertise of virtual construction technology and powerful project management tools that guide your project to the desired outcome. Chronus delivers the highest quality

services available in the marketplace today. Our client-centric approach is tied into a taylor-made system that manages your bottom line on a granular level. And, our leadership knows how important experience, quality and precision is, we’ve made these three key ideas our primary focus. This is how Chronus does business.